Adventure to the last Reindeer Riders: The Tsaatan Tribe

Mongolian/Russian border

DESTINATION: Mongolian/Russian border
NUMBER OF DAYS: 11 days, 10 nights
space available Maximum 10 Horsemen
price: $6200 usd (Tax not included)

available date:

we accept all debit cards, credit cards and online payments

The Tsaatan, or Reindeer People, are the last reindeer riders of Mongolia. They have survived for thousands of years inhabiting the most remote subarctic taiga along the Mongolian/Russian border.
Only 44 families remain.

The days on horseback will range between 5 and 7 hours in the saddle. This will vary depending on where families are camping and the day's activities. We ride in all weather conditions; rain or sun. You will need to ensure that you are physically able to ride during these hours and walk if necessary. Intermediate driving level is recommended.

When traveling to Mongolia, you need a flexible mind. Plans may change at the trip leader's discretion.

Group size

10 max.

Level of Experience

Only for experienced horse riders. Comfortable in all rhythms (walk, trot, gallop, canter) and capable of getting out of trouble calmly and at the necessary speed.


Intermediate- Must be balanced with an independent seat and fit enough to ride 4 to 7 hours a day.

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we accept all debit cards, credit cards and online payments

Day 1

Arrive to Mongolia. Once you arrive the drive from the airport is about an hour to an hour and a half to reach your hotel. Plan on a morning arrival as we will have a trip lunch late afternoon. This leaves enough time for a siesta and for you to prepare your things to depart the following day.

Day 2

Today you will enjoy breakfast at the hotel and leave any excess luggage with the front desk before you check out and climb into your awaiting cars. We’ll head to the airport and take the hour long flight to the central village of Mörön (pronounced - Murun). Once we touch down, we’ll meet our badass driving team and their luxury off-road vehicles. We’ll have lunch and make sure everyone pops their motion sickness meds. We will be off-roading until we reach Red Mountain Village where we will camp for the night.

Day 3

This a.m. we’ll all enjoy breakfast together and have a good stretch before hopping back into our off-roading vehicles, bound for horse camp. We’ll be passing through alpine forests and herds of fluffy yaks, Darkhad horses, sheep and goats. Throughout this journey you’ll be experiencing a variety of Mongolian cultures; urbanites, village families, horse herdsmen and of course, the reindeer herders. Each lives in a unique way from the other and you’ll be experiencing it all as an invited friend as opposed to an average tourist. Once we arrive at horse camp, we’ll meet Gansukh and his fam, make introductions over horse milk tea and yak yogurt, then meet the Darkhad horses you will be riding. If you think you have skills, you can try your hand at lassoing your horse from the corral. We’ll finish off the evening with a special dinner of roasted sheep (bring your floss).

Day 4

Today we’ll wake up as early as possible, have breakfast and start packing up camp. We’ll all be team-working to organize supplies and help Gansukh and his brothers hold pack horses and even out weight. We’ll fill water packs, distribute snacks and double check girths are right and tight. After all is ready, we’ll say good bye to Gansukh’s mom and fam and mount up to begin the journey towards the Tsaatan. Today’s ride will be mostly flat. crossing several rivers and entering boreal forests. We’ll be making camp along the river tonight and splitting off into teams; watering horses, staking horses out for grazing and setting up camp. We’ll coax Gansukh and his bros into some campfire story telling and singing.

Day 5

This morning we’ll slowly wake up, have breakfast, fill water packs and sort our horses.. We’ll climb up into the high mountains, crossing some pretty dangerous ground- glacier slate rock, twisted pine roots, deep arctic bogs. As we enter the sacred lands of the Tsaatan, we’ll pass rare plant species and might catch a glimpse of the bears, wolves and lynxes who call this land their home. The mist gives way, and the enchanting teepee camps of the last reindeer riders are revealed. Once we arrive, we’ll dismount and enter the teepees to meet our Tsaatan fam over reindeer milk chai tea. Tonight, we’ll divide up into teepees and set up sleeping bags/mats.

Day 6

For the early birds, you’ll be milking the reindeer this morning. Our Tsaatan mom will be teaching you one on one. Reindeer milk is used in a variety of ways; cheese, tea and cooking. Then comes the moment you’ve all been waiting for, you get to meet your reindeer! Our Tsaatan fam will teach you the saddling process and how to ride these giant puppy dogs. Pro tip: don’t steer them by the antlers! We’ll be riding around the valley, crossing rivers and learning the art of reindeer riding with our Tsaatan fam by our side. In the evening we’ll have some quality time around the fire with our Tsaatan family, learning more about their life out here in the taiga.

Day 7

For those who loved milking the reindeer, you'll get that opportunity again this morning. After breakfast we'll saddle up the horses and trek to visit the others Tsaatan families. They make hand carved antler jewelry, sculptures, and knives so pack your tudricks. On our ride back, we'll stop and explore our families' seasonal campsites. This evening our Tsaatan families’ elder, whom we call Grandpa, will lead a tea session around the bonfire. Here he'll tell stories of bears, blizzards and wolves.

Day 8

We’ll saddle up our reindeer steeds and join our Tsaatan friends as we set out on a scouting mission for firewood. In the evening we will help herd the reindeer in and make sure they are safe from the wolves that populate the mountains.

Day 9

We’ll say good bye to our Tsaatan friends today around late morning and begin the ride to a secret spot where we’ll be making camp for the night.

Day 10

Late morning we’ll finish breakfast, pack up and say good bye to our horse herding brothers and begin the drive back to Mörön. Once we arrive in Mörön, we’ll check into hotel rooms, wash off all that wild Mongolia and have dinner in the hotel’s restaurant.

Day 11

Today, we’ll grab a quick breakfast and head to catch our flights back to Ulaanbataar where drivers will be waiting to take you back to your hotels. Now you can rendezvous with some boujee time.


  • All airport taxis transfers (pick ups & drop-offs)
  •  Adventure launch lunch in UB (Day 1)
  • Round trip domestic flights to Mörön plus luggage fees
  • Luxury off-roading vehicle transportation
  • All lodging and meals as per itinerary
  • Horses, horse wranglers and tack
  • Translator/culture expert
  • All trip activities

Not included:

  • International flights
  • Alcohol
  • Laundry
  • Activities outside of this itinerary

Recommendations / What to bring

We’ ll be pack ing gear on ou r horses so. . . light i s r ight !
• Helmet
• Sunglasses
• Buff
• Backpack with Hydration
• Dry Bags
• Riding Gloves
• Waterproof Jacket/Pants
• Compressible Down Jacket
• Warm Wool Base Layers
• Half Chaps
• Riding Tights/Jodhpurs
• Riding/Hiking Boots (something with a heel for riding, narrow boots work best for Mongolian stirrups)
• Wool Beanie
• Leatherman
• Water purification Tablets or Filter
• Sunblock/Chapstick
• Toiletries (eco-friendly)
• Camping Mug/Bowl/Spork
• Bug Spray
• Sleeping Bag (0° F/ -18° C mandatory)
• Sleeping Pad (insulated)
• Headlamp
• Powerbank
• Snacks (powerbars are suggested and difficult to find in Mongolia)


available date | Reserve Today

we accept all debit cards, credit cards and online payments

Reservation conditions

Release of Liability Agreement: "5TIERRAS" clients must sign a release of liability agreement at the time of check-in. This is mandatory and guests cannot participate in the ride without signing the release agreement (all funds paid are NON-refundable). Please feel free to read the release agreement before your arrival. This Ride is only for adults.
Insurance: Travel insurance is mandatory for this adventure. You should make sure it covers horseback riding and it is a good idea to cover your travel expenses, flights, etc. Book this as soon as possible.
Entry into Mongolia: It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the correct and valid documents to enter Mongolia. Check with the Mongolian Embassy/Consulate in your country to make sure you are ready to travel. You must ensure that your passport does not expire within 6 months of travel or you will not be allowed to enter Mongolia.

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