Discover the surroundings of Medellin on horseback!

Where the aroma of coffee merges with the magic of nature. Just 50 km from Medellín, come and ride through the best kept secrets of the coffee region

Destination: Colombia

Number of days: 1 day of horseback riding

Spaces available: Up to 10 spaces

Meeting place: Fredonia- Antioquia

Price: $250 usd (TAX NOT INCLUDED)

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Fredonia awaits us

Located in the southwest of Antioquia in the foothills of the Cauca River, 60 km from Medellín, our headquarters is located, in the middle of different coffee landscapes, orange groves and cattle pastures, we will ride along peasant trails where the Antioquia culture was forged among its imposing mountains.

Our horses are of different breeds and some crosses between quarter horses, Creole Appaloosa, Spanish or mules will take us through the different corners of these mountains.

Our routes are designed for all levels, of different distances and landscapes. We will pass through forests that shade the best coffee plantations, also some forests that are still virgin, also through orange crops and livestock meadows.

Within a region with a great variety of altitudes in a single day we can change up to 1000 meters of altitude difference, which offers us a great variety of landscapes.

The duration of all routes will depend on the number of participants and the pace we follow during the tour.

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We accept all debit cards, credit cards and online payments

Route 1

La Raya:
An 11 km route where 50% of the route is coffee plantation and meadow trails. We pass through the small hamlet of Calvario where we will be at the highest part of the route passing through the Calvario viewpoint. To then go down between paths and dirt roads without any traffic, we will return to the headquarters through another circuit passing through coffee plantations where we can take a break and visit a small plantation and production of organic coffee. Where we will learn about the different processes of coffee production.
In this cozy peasant house we will enjoy a traditional lunch.

Route 2

La Sirena:
A 16 km route where 70% of the route is along trails and a part of the old royal road that led from the Cauca River to the town of Fredonia. On this route we will tour the La Sirena farm, a property dedicated to regenerative livestock farming where we will learn more about livestock and their forms of production. We will stop at the corrals where we will have a small snack to regain strength and continue on our way.

Route 3

Río Cauca:
A 23 km route, the longest of our routes and with the greatest unevenness since we will go down to the Cauca River where we will pass the warmest part of the valley through orange groves, we will reach the beaches of the Cauca River, where we will have lunch and after a rest We return to the road this time going up to the coffee plantations.

Route 4

Hacienda Santa Isabel:
A 13 km route where we will begin our journey along a royal road between the pastures of the farm to reach a traditional Calvario hamlet where we will begin to climb towards a traditional coffee hacienda where we will enjoy a traditional lunch and then climb to a forest of native pines passing through some natural lagoons and we will arrive at a viewpoint at the highest point in the region.


If after riding you want to relax and rest or want to ride again the next day, we offer comfortable accommodation to disconnect and enjoy your stay.



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We accept all debit cards, credit cards and online payments

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